About Andi

I love documenting life through photos. 

A party, an anniversary, a family portrait, a beloved pet, an engagement, or any important event is my chance to help preserve those moments for you. Making beautiful photographs that can be cherished by you and your loved ones is my motivation.

After earning a Bachelor's Degree, I longed for a more creative means of expressing myself and immediately decided to fall into more school. Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara provided an essential photography foundation, and a year-long internship that followed laid a great foundation for candid and studio shooting. 

Growing up in California, as well as seven years in Hawaii, gave me a love for sunshine and the great outdoors. Framing my subject in all the colors and textures of natural light is what makes me excited and challenged by each new project.  The Bay Area provides some of the most scenic backdrops on the West Coast, and it is a pleasure to engage in such gorgeous surroundings, especially with a camera in hand. 

How can we create beautiful images for you to share? Let's explore!